Qualities of a good neighbour

Unlike homes in the country side, suburban houses are of close proximity to one another. You are only separated by a small yard or a swimming pool and a simple fence. It is very essential that you maintain a good relationship with your neighbours; you never know when you may need each other’s help.

Check out these qualities of a good neighbour you should look for within yourself and neighbours.

Break the ice with some freshly baked cookies

Imagine you are new in town or have not been around for several months at a time, what is the best way to talk to your neighbours? Delivering some cake, jelly or freshly baked cookies is the best way to break the ice, have a conversation and let them know you are new in town or have just come back.

Keep the neighbourhood gossip free

The friendliest living environment is one without gossip. Neighbours with poor habits always seem to know all the information about someone even before it is exposed to the public willingly. Gossipers are well known to keep information on everyone around the block. This will bring you some enemies as well as create a bad relationship with the people in the area.

Share phone numbers with your neighbours

Living in a community with other people means that you should keep in touch digitally. You never know when you may need your neighbours help at any time or any day. You can always call your neighbour for help if you need them to watch your pet or baby, if their package came to your home by mistake or if you are on vacation and something happens in your home. It might be a hard task, but you can ask for the number as soon as you feel comfortable around them.

Neighbours always lend a helping hand

Good neighbours are always there for each other to offer help when they can and when there is a problem.  A genuine person will always offer their help when they see you in trouble even when you are miles away from home. Always help when you can and you will see your neighbour returning the favours in return.

Keep tidy and maw the loan

For homes that are not under any form or home owners association, everyone is responsible for their own house, how the clean up and how they choose to arrange it. to keep the neighbourhood tidy and attractive, avoid too much clutter on your front loan, keep the trash hidden, landscape the area and keep your tools neatly arranged. Ensure you do not keep the loan weedy and unkempt as it makes that side of the neighbourhood undesirable. Trim, mow, fertilise and water the lawn regularly to keep it tidy and attractive.

Communication between neighbours is the key to good living

Even though you have to respect your neighbour’s boundaries, it does not mean you should not talk to them, have friendly conversations or important ones. Respecting each other is the first key to proper communication between the two of you. Instead of keeping grudges and complaining, you can choose to address the issues surrounding your homes and come up with convenient solutions.