Preparing your home for the summer

For some reasons, everyone is in love with summer. It is the season of summer dresses and shorts, cool drinks, ocean picnics and other outside activities. Even though summer seems like fun, let’s not pretend we do not experience the hornets, excessive heat and yard work. For a number of people, spring is better when compared to summer. If you are starting to miss the spring weather there are a number of adjustments you can make in your house and garden to make it cool and comfortable.

Here are some renovations you can make inside the home

Servicing the air conditioning inside the house will make the summer heat bearable. There is nothing as annoying as having a broken air conditioner unit during the summer. You can keep it running by servicing it during spring. Take your time to flash the drain line using bleach, and changing the filters. Keep vegetation and other items away from the outdoor unit to give it some breathing room.

Do not forget to replace the smoke detector batteries now and then. Even though this is an easy chore, most people tend to forget about it. Replacing the batteries will give you a piece of mind in the summer. Do this more than thrice a year to keep it running always.

Are your ceiling fan blades working fine? Sometimes they tend to change directions and push the air up instead of down. You can switch them up by giving them a push in the right direction; ensure they are moving clockwise instead of anticlockwise.

Clean behind all the large kitchen appliances before the tar and dust dry up to form a permanent stain on the walls, appliances and other structures. If you have been putting off the cleaning for a long time, this is the right time to take care of this issue. Use some disinfectant and cleaning appliances or simply hire a professional cleaner to take the job.

If you ask most people, they have never bothered with the vent systems in the dryer. If your vent has been clogged with some lint, the clothes will come out musty and dry. This can pose a significant risk or fire in your home and it is also a waste of energy on cleaning your clothes. The easiest way to clear the dryer is to use a vent cleaning kit which you can access in any retail shop.

Do not forget to upgrade the thermostat by fixing it or replacing it with a more current model. The best choice would be to get a newer version; it will work even better than the previous and also save you the cost of repairing the last one time and again. The newer models are more advanced and respond to your voice to divert the cool air into all the occupied rooms in the house.

Inspect the gutters, sprinklers and downspouts. Clogged and broken sprinklers won’t be helpful in the summer heat. Fixing the sprinklers yourself is easy and will ensure they work to keep your loan fresh and cool during the summer heat.